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Благословение Небожителей. Том 6 (ЛП) - Мосян Тунсю

На этом ресурсе Вы можете бесплатно читать книгу онлайн Благословение Небожителей. Том 6 (ЛП) - Мосян Тунсю. Жанр: Любовно-фантастические романы . На сайте Вы можете онлайн читать полную версию книги без регистрации и sms. Так же Вы можете ознакомится с содержанием, описанием, предисловием о произведении
Благословение Небожителей. Том 6 (ЛП)
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5 февраль 2024
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Благословение Небожителей. Том 6 (ЛП) - Мосян Тунсю
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Благословение Небожителей. Том 6 (ЛП) - Мосян Тунсю краткое содержание

Благословение Небожителей. Том 6 (ЛП) - Мосян Тунсю - автор Мосян Тунсю, на сайте Вы можете бесплатно читать книгу онлайн. Так же Вы можете ознакомится с описанием, кратким содержанием.

Благословение Небожителей. Том 6 (ЛП) читать онлайн бесплатно

Благословение Небожителей. Том 6 (ЛП) - читать книгу онлайн бесплатно, автор Мосян Тунсю
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Table of Contents

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Title Page

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Table of Contents Page

Chapter 92: Cave of Ten Thousand Gods—Faces of the Ten Thousand Gods Hidden

Chapter 93: Cave of Ten Thousand Gods—Faces of the Ten Thousand Gods Revealed

Chapter 94: From the Sealed Kiln, One Supreme Shall Emerge

Arc 4: White-Clothed Calamity

Chapter 95: Penny for a Wandering Soul on Lantern Night

Chapter 96: Hero Defeated by a Penny

Chapter 97: Blocking the Mountain Path, Crown Prince Fails at Robbery

Chapter 98: Thirty-Three Heavenly Officials Fight Over Blessed Land

Chapter 99: Warm Words of a Cold Ghost Beguile the Lost Child

Chapter 100: A Heart Pierced By a Hundred Swords, A Wrath Ghost Takes Form

Chapter 101: With Neither Grief Nor Joy, White Cloth Brings Calamity to this World

Chapter 102: White-Clothed Ghost Appoints Black Warrior as General

Chapter 103: Nameless Ghost Offers a Nameless Flower

Chapter 104: Man in Abyss Receives a Bamboo Hat in the Rain

The Story Continues

Appendix: Characters

Appendix: Locations

Appendix: Name Guide

Appendix: Pronunciation Guide

Glossary: Genres

Glossary: Terminology


About the Author

Other works by MXTX

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Chapter 92:

Cave of Ten Thousand Gods—Faces of the Ten Thousand Gods Hidden

HUA CHENG’S BREATH was warm, but his words made Xie Lian’s blood run cold.

Could there really be someone hiding in the grand hall?

A thought flashed through Xie Lian’s mind, and he quickly returned Hua Cheng’s embrace.

He wasn’t hugging him because he was afraid, of course. If there truly was someone hiding in the temple whom they hadn’t noticed, then they must be a formidable character—and if that person sensed anything off, they might be forced to make a move. It would arouse suspicion if Hua Cheng was the only one hugging him and being so intimate. If the embrace was mutual, it might appear more natural.

Xie Lian began to inconspicuously analyze their surroundings. “Where do you think they’re hiding?” he whispered.

There was only one entrance to the grand hall, which was the huge door they’d come through. The hall itself was completely empty; the whole room could be taken in at a glance, and there wasn’t even a table or a chest that would provide a spot for someone to hide. Aside from the two of them, there were only the empty stone shells of the temple’s attendants.

“The shells,” Xie Lian and Hua Cheng whispered in unison.

Those stone people were hollow inside, which meant they could serve as a hiding spot. A human couldn’t get inside, but a ghost certainly could!

When Xie Lian was sure they were both in agreement, he started to speak, but then he inadvertently looked up—and his pupils shrank. There was someone standing six meters behind Hua Cheng.

This person seemed to have been a young man of higher status. These statues each documented a Wuyong citizen’s death, so most were curled into balls or hugging their heads and wailing—this statue was one of the very few that was standing.

But what made Xie Lian notice him wasn’t his pose—it was his face.

Although the stone person’s face was barely distinguishable, Xie Lian could still make out some details. The left side was smiling, and the right side was crying!

“It’s that one!” Xie Lian blurted.

He drew his sword and struck just as Hua Cheng called out, “Gege?”

The stone person shattered, and broken fragments of the shell scattered across the floor. Although there was nothing inside, Xie Lian didn’t dare drop his guard, and he began turning over every single shard until Hua Cheng caught his hand.

“Gege! What did you see just now?”

Xie Lian gathered a few fragments to show him. “San Lang, that stone person…his face…it was White No-Face’s mask.”

Hua Cheng’s expression changed slightly, but still he said, “Wait a moment.”

He gathered and pieced together the shards. When the face was reconstructed, the two fell silent.

Xie Lian had clearly seen a half-crying, half-smiling ghost face. But the face that Hua Cheng had reconstructed had indistinct features, no different from the other stone statues.

Was it a hallucination? Had he been bewitched by an illusion spell?

Sitting around wouldn’t get them answers, so they searched the hall, smashing every stone person to ash as they went. But after giving it some thought, they realized that it was more important to deal with the others who were surely rushing to the summit at that moment. They decided not to stick around waiting for Pei Ming to return and left the temple to scale the mountain.

The mountain seemed to have a peculiar gravity—they tried, but the silver butterflies couldn’t carry them, and flying on swords was a nonstarter. They could only climb on foot. The higher they hiked, the steeper the path became and the colder the air grew. The snow was sparse at first, but it became thicker as they ascended until it could swallow almost half a boot. They were up to their knees in it after four hours of climbing, and their trek was becoming more and more arduous.

Xie Lian didn’t feel cold since they had been hiking nonstop. He was instead covered in a thin sheen of sweat, and his red cheeks gave a shock of color to his powdery white face. He wiped away the sweat and looked back, about to speak to Hua Cheng—but suddenly, his step caught nothing, and he dropped half a meter!

His body had sunk into the heavy snow. Thankfully, Hua Cheng had been following him closely and pulled him up quite easily, like he’d been prepared for it.

“Gege, be careful.”

Xie Lian stood next to him and looked back at where he’d stumbled. A large section of snow had caved in, revealing a deep, dark hole that led to somewhere unknown. If Xie Lian hadn’t grabbed hold of the edge in time, or if Hua Cheng had moved too slowly, he would’ve fallen in for sure.

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